Sanoma + Lillian = FUN | Adire Photography

Sweet girl Sanoma is still my foster and I am super confident that one day she will be adopted by the perfect family. If you have been following Sanoma’s journey you know that she was saved from the Mineral Wells Shelter along with her five babies. All of her babies have been adopted but she is still here because simply she is over a year old. Let me give you 3 reasons why adopting an adult cat is better than a kitten 

  1. What you see is what you get.
    When you adopt an adult cat, you know what you are getting. Sure, kittens are cute, but you never know what the future holds. An adorable kitten could grow up to be a really ugly puss. This is a big risk. Go for the sure thing. Take a sweet-faced old Tabby.
  2. Adult cats aren’t as “chewsy.”
    Kittens are like human children: everything goes in their mouths. Whether teething or just exploring bits of the world around them, kittens can be very destructive little bundles of fur. Kittens chew on shoes, the corners of books, ear lobes, carpet tassels, electrical cords, drapery strings, plants, and much, much more. Adult cats typically chew less, if at all. They tend to save their energy for more important activities, like tormenting the neighbor’s Terrier.
  3. Adult cats don’t “litter” as much.
    Kittens play, sunbathe, build sandcastles, and even sleep in their litter boxes. And then there’s a game called “poo-hockey,” where a piece of dried waste is removed from the box and batted around the floor until it disappears under a major appliance or piece of furniture. People who adopt older cats happily miss this stage of feline development. Adult cats understand the purpose of a litter box and will usually cooperate with your efforts to keep theirs tidy.

I can assure you that if you adopted Sanoma you would be getting a great cat and if that doesn’t convince you then let these pictures show she is still very playful and great with babies or kids.IMG_8293 IMG_8296 IMG_8299 IMG_8302 IMG_8321 IMG_8324Sanoma is super gentle with my 14 month old daughter and will play with her non-stop…here are more pictures to see.IMG_8327 IMG_8329 IMG_8330 IMG_8317 IMG_8316 IMG_8290Now you can see she is pretty perfect and the next thing you can do is go to Pawsitive Karma Rescue and click on How To Adopt, once you’re done reading that page head on over to Cat Questionnaire and fill it out. Someone for the PKR team will contact you within 24 hours. The process is super easy and so worth it!

Mineral Wells Shelter | Piper-The Orange is the New Black | Adire Photography

The Orange is the New Black….that would be my sweet Piper…except my Piper has gotten her release papers from jail. When Piper came to Pawsitive Karma Rescue she was a sickie little baby. She was super thin and had ringworm and GI problems. PKR got her the medication and I gave her a foster home. Just a few short weeks she has gone from hiding- to out lounging on the couch. She has her moments of playing with her siblings, playing peek-a-boo in her hideaway, hunting feathers,  but she is mostly a cuddle girl.IMG_0619IMG_0625IMG_0950IMG_0960IMG_0867IMG_0874IMG_0876IMG_0881IMG_0887IMG_0892IMG_0975IMG_0981What a silly girl she can be and she is gorgeous! So what do you say? Adopt her? Please go to Pawsitive Karma Rescue and click on How to Adopt- once you have read that page you can fill out a Cat Questionnaire. Someone with PKR will be in contact with you within 24 hours. The next step is a meet and greet and thats when you will spend some time with Piper and me. So what are you waiting for??? Let’s get her home to you!

Conroe Shelter | iriDessa + Outdoors | Adire Photography

iriDessa has been with me for three…almost four months now and I knew she is going to be hard to adopt because 

  1. She is black
  2. She is big
  3. She is NOT a cute little kitten

Now with all that typed- I really didn’t care because Pawsitive Karma Rescue saved her and her five babies from being killed at the Conroe shelter. Dessa is a remarkable kitty because she took in four small orphans and nursed them back to health. I have never met a momma kitty who took care of nine babies and which four were not hers. OK…so I helped with bottle feeding and restroom duty but she mostly did the work. Just that in itself is AMAZING! I still have my paws crossed that she does get adopted soon because she deserves to have her forever home. 

IMG_2925That was her in April with all nine babies.. told you she was amazing.

Who iriDessa is today: a very quiet girl, loving when she wants to be, and not pushy at all. She pretty much lets me dress her up, lets my 1 year old daughter lay on her, she plays with anything with catnip involved. She loves looking out the window and bird watch, she still nurses babies, and when she needs a break she will chill in my closet with her buddy Sanoma (my other foster). Dessa also gets along with dogs, great litterbox manners and she has learned to not claw up my couch with a squirt of a water spray bottle.IMG_3252IMG_5031 Pawsitive Karma Rescue or PKR is very strict on their fosters and they ALL have to be indoors and Dessa has given me three heart attacks by escaping the front door. I guess the bird watching has gotten her curious. Thankfully the sound of two cans of cat food got her running back to me. Now I walk out the door backwards! WHEW!!!!! 

I didn’t realize how much she wanted to feel and smell the grass and im assuming she was an outdoor cat at one point in her life- so what did I do? Listened! I have a cat harness and I knew she would be ok with it on and outside…so off we went!IMG_1480 IMG_1536She was so curious about the grass that she just plopped herself down and watched everything around her. I saw her transform into another cat because of being outdoors on a lead. She sniffed, rolled, sat up, walked, sat down again, rolled some more, ate an insect and even followed my personal cat around- she was awesome! Can’t you tell?12IMG_1493 IMG_1489 IMG_1488IMG_1549IMG_1552IMG_1573IMG_1569IMG_1565Now you can see how much iriDessa loved being outdoors and because I saw it all over her that I promised her to take her outside everyday for 30 minutes…I think she will be happy with that!

What to do next? Go to Pawsitive Karma Rescue and click on How To Adopt. Once you have read that page click on Cat Questionnaire and fill out the online form. We can setup a meet and greet so you can really fall inlove! 

Mineral Wells Shelter | Miss Lenny | Adire Photography

Hi everyone! I’ve got a spitfire on my foot and her name is little miss “Lenny.” She and her siblings came from the Mineral Wells Shelter. When I get my fosters I never know what I am getting- meaning how skinny, sick, GI problems, ear mites, aggression problems they may have- I just really don’t know.

 I sat in my truck patiently waiting for the family of six to arrive after making a 3 hour journey to me. When I first saw Lenny I noticed she was much bigger than her siblings and she was also more talkative. On the ride home she was meowing up a storm and I couldn’t blame her…I hate being a vehicle for more than 3 hours too. Once we got home, I opened up all the cages and cute little kittens came running out.

That evening Lenny and her siblings were playing as if they were never at a high kill shelter. As I was taking pictures- Lenny would not leave my foot alone and this was her very first picture. IMG_8445Can you see the claws and dry skin scratches on my foot!! Ouch!….but she is so cute right??!!? Just in the last few weeks I have seen Lenny grow into a nibb”ly”, and very playful kitten. She does have a mischievous side of her and I think thats due to her taking the “BIG” sister role to another level. LOL. 

Lenny is a cuddler and also a sweet finger biter, she also loves toes and ankles! Her most FAVORITE thing to do is play with feathers…lots and lots of them all at once. No matter where they are she is after them. If they are high in the air- she is jumping for them and if they low on the floor- she is rolling in them.IMG_0925 IMG_0922 IMG_0921IMG_0940IMG_0933IMG_0512IMG_0516Where ever they are- she is CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY CRAZY for them.IMG_0918Lenny is the typical playful, loving, toe and ankle biting, feather fighting kitty kat….she will also sit nicely for her portrait to be taken. IMG_0898 IMG_0906aaawwww she sits so nicely for the camera. Now I know you are looking at her thinking “she’s cute but I don’t want a black cat” but let me give you 3 reasons why adopting a black cat is awesome.

  1. You will never lose you black cat in the snow (if it should ever snow in Texas again…lol)
  2. A black cat will match any décor. You won’t have to redecorate your house to coordinate with your cat.
  3. Love knows no color! Your black cat doesn’t care what color YOUR hair is!

Now you have read Lenny’s blog… are ready to take the next step? OK-GREAT! Now head on over to Pawsitive Karma Rescue and read all about How To Adopt and then fill out a Cat Questionnaire- once you have gotten a reply from the PKR team we can setup a meet and greet and you can spend some time with Lenny- once you know for sure you want her -let PKR know and they will send over the contract and once its final- you can take sweet Lenny home and live happily ever after.

Mineral Wells Shelter | Tink | Adire Photography

On July 2nd a motherless family of six came to me, and they are ohhhhh so adorable!!! Three of the six have already been adopted so I will be just concentrating on the available fosters.

Today is all about Mr. Tink but I call him Mr. Stink because he is an attention hog!!! I mean like all the time! I was just now trying to type this blog and its almost like he knows I am working- so in his little mind he thinks I need some cuddle time…LOL!

Tink was the smallest one of the six and the one who was most likely not going to make it but thankfully for my friend Leanne reached out and got pledges for the six and then the awesome Pawsitive Karma Rescue got them tagged and transported to me. 

When I first saw Tink I was inlove and sad because he was under weight and sick. He didn’t play like the rest of the kittens- honestly he could barley move. I was feeding him non-stop and then I started the medication. Within one and half weeks he played for the first time….it was a great day for me and Leanne! IMG_0397That’s my Tinky boy…isn’t he just handsome- oh and those long white whiskers are an added bonus! Tink is a GINORMOUS cuddle bug and only lives for lots of love and affection. He is surely a candy-coated kitten! He has started to really shine in the last week by playing more and more with his siblings. He likes to trick them by walking by them like as if he has no interest in playing and then- BAM! Sneak Attack! LOL! Tink is a meow’er, purr’er, and a biscuit maker. Everytime I take his picture his mouth is open because he is talking to me- “foster mommy…pet me please…I will faint if you don’t!” LOLIMG_0402 IMG_0405 IMG_0435 IMG_0463 IMG_0466 IMG_0472 IMG_0475 IMG_0476 IMG_0484 IMG_0495IMG_0997IMG_0990IMG_0998IMG_1002IMG_1005IMG_1006Again- handsome right?!?! If you are lQQking for the purrfect kitten that isn’t to playful but is craving attention, loves to cuddle 24/7 if you let him, likes to sleep curled up next to your face and purrs you to sleep then Tink is your boy! He also has great litterbox manners and loves doggies. He will be ready to go home as soon as Sunday, July 27th- but first you have to go to Pawsitive Karma Rescue and fill out a Cat Questionnaire, then set up a meet and greet with him- after you fall inlove you contact PKR and proceed with the contract- once this is all done Tink will be ready to go home with you and you guys can live happily ever after.

The Crazy Cat Lady Returns | Adire Photography

I can’t believe its been 49 days since my last blog…and I may not have anymore readers but if I do then I apologize to you. My life got super busy and I put off blogging a couple of times which finally led to 49days!! UGH!

I havent stopped fostering….in fact I have taken in more fosters and I will be blogging about them with some awesome pictures and I am super excited to share them with you!

So please stay tuned


Mineral Wells Shelters | Sanoma Loves Toys | Adire Photography

Yes Sanoma is still here with me and I know one day she will get her forever home with the right person/family. I know I have said that Sanoma loves to play with ribbon and other toys but I never really got any pictures of her playing- until now!

I spend alot of time with her and this day I was playing hide-n-seek with my hand and her expressions are just the greatest. She was sitting and staring at the window and then turn and get into the sneak attack mode- then she would just look at me like i was crazy!ImageImageImageImageImageImage

After she was done playing in the bedroom she wandered off into the living room and I remembered I just bought her a new toy. It was a little battery operated little bug and when you turn it on it vibrates and crawls… do you think Sanoma loved it?? She SURE DID and then she killed it! LOLImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImage

Sanoma is really a great, loving, very playful cat, the only thing wrong with her to most people is that she is over the age of one. She is however, great at NOT clawing up the furniture, she IS GREAT at the litterbox, she is NOT spastic like a little kitten- she is a GREAT CAT!

All PKR adoptions include spay/neuter, vaccinations, microchip, dewormer, flea/tick/heartworm preventative, 30 days of free pet insurance, and a guarantee that your new family member has been fed an all natural and high quality food while in our program. 

Please go to Pawsitive Karma Rescue or click on this link to fill out a Cat Questionnaire for Sanoma- someone will be in touch within 24 hours.